Social Media

This info from another school was found on-line and it is excellent advice. If you do allow your children to have a social media account then PLEASE ensure that you are in charge of it and that your children are safe on-line.

“We know that many children are using social media when ‘officially’ they are too young to sign up to the sites – we know because they tell us!  Lots of them say that Mums and Dads have signed them up – sometimes years ago. There’s nothing illegal in that, but please keep in mind that if you signed your 8 year old up to Facebook five years ago, saying they were 13 years old – they now appear as an 18 year old on the site. If an adult tries to contact your now 13 year old child via social media, they will be able to argue that they thought they were talking to another adult. Remember to update their details, check their privacy settings, and talk to them about which pictures they use for their profile, so they’re safe online. Another great way to keep them safe is for their social media account to be linked to a parents email address rather than their own, meaning that any communication or comments can be seen instantly by the parent. Let’s keep our children safe.  🙂 “