This week at Scourie Primary

Term 3 Week 5

5th –  9th February 2018

Monday– Assembly with Mrs MacDonald introducing Global Goals; leaves added to our values tree.

Tuesday – Muroch Jamieson taking P7 for their sports leaders training during PE. Everyone remember PE kits.

Wednesday – Usual KLB Wednesday. Remember PE kit!

Thursday – Music with Miss Lockhart; Art with Mrs Poole

Friday – Early Level class in woodland

This week, the senior class will be continuing with their Human Body topic, fractions in Maths and their class newspaper. The Early Level Class will continue with castles, Scotland and celebrations around the world.

Mrs MacDonald will be preparing for her trip to Kenya next week and children will be completing scrapbooks and letters for her to take out there. Pupils will also be recording Maths games for Mrs MacDonald to show to the Kenyan children.