Journey to Kenya

We set off from Laxford at 8am on Saturday morning and arrived at our hotel about 8pm (Kenya time) on Sunday, after 2 car journeys, 1 train journey, 1 bus journey and 2 flights….plus some hanging about airports.

So what have been my first impressions of Kenya? I have never visited any African country so this is a totally new experience for me. First, there was the heat and glorious sunshine. It certainly does not feel like February! Then there were the buildings. Lots of concrete blocks, corrugated iron and wooden slats. The road we drove on from Nairobi to Nakuru was very busy and fast with all sorts of overtaking going on. We passed some road works, but there were no signs or cones like we would have in Scotland.

The soil is very red! Lots of people were standing along the road side, some with stalls selling produce and crafts. Lots of people ride motorbikes.

So far, I have seen ibis birds, goats, sheep, a few cows and donkeys! There were lots of donkeys dotted along the roadside, tethered up, then we saw 2 pulling a cart.

Tomorrow will be our first visit to our schools, so myself and the highland cow better get some sleep! Have you thought of a name for him yet?