This week at Scourie Primary 5th March 2018

We have another busy week ahead of us with lots happening in and out of the classrooms.

Monday 5th March – It was good to see all back to school after a couple of snow days last week. We started the week with a short assembly with the primary pupils. Then we worked in our classrooms on our books in preparation for tomorrow’s big event!

P4-7 welcomed a visitor to class who will be coming to Scourie for 3 sessions to give the pupils a flavour of the Gaelic language. This week they covered greetings.

Cristie Okie also visited school today to teach her music lessons to all the children.

Tuesday 6th March  – The OSIRIS tutor will be visiting the school as part of the ongoing course Mrs Curley & Mrs MacDonald are participating in to improve teaching.

In the afternoon, we will be having our World Book Day event which you are invited to. There will be the launching of books which the children have written and the first edition of the school newspaper will be available. Please come along at 1.30pm.

Wednesday 7th March – We will all be in school as usual in Kinlochbervie, but will be having talks from some visiting authors about the famous poet Rob Donn who hailed from Durness.

Thursday 8th March – Mrs Poole will be here for Art & Miss Lockhart will be here for Music.  In the afternoon, we will have a Yoga session with Lesley as part of our human body topic.

Chess club will meet after school at 3.30pm.

Friday 9th March – This looks like being the only day when we will not have any special visitors! The Early Level Class will have their woodland learning day & P3-7 will work in school. Hopefully they may have time to complete some of their decimal work along with their literacy activities.

Alongside all these special events, the usual curriculum areas will be covered including  addition to 10 with P1, decimals with P3-7, phonics, spelling and reading.