Gangsta Granny @ Eden Court

The primary pupils traveled with Mrs Curley & Mrs MacDonald yesterday (Thursday 26th April) to Inverness to watch the stage production of David Walliam’s novel ‘Gangsta Granny’. It was a superb opportunity for the pupils to compare the show with the book and film which they have previously studied in school. on return, most of the peoples voiced a preference for the stage production, particularly admiring the cast’s ability to change the scenery whilst distracting us with dance. The tickets for the show were paid with Scourie Gala Committee’s credit from the abandoned panto trip. Many thanks go to the gala committee for this generous gesture.

We, of course, could not go all the way to Inverness without some lunch! The pupils displayed impeccable manners & were delightful company whilst we dined at the Brewer’s Fayre, as they did all day. These outings give our pupils an opportunity to develop social skills in a different environment to their normal and allow them to have experiences they would not have at home.

Here is our happy crowd of gangstas.31395671_2188186417873375_6496141758936645632_n