First Golf with Mr MacKay

The boys and girls of Scourie Primary were delighted to welcome Mr MacKay and Mr Jamieson to the school earlier this week for a First Golf session. The children had a great time designing holes and practicing their skills.

Much to everyone’s delight, Mrs MacDonald recieved the following email this morning from Mr MacKay praising the children’s work & enthusiasim. It was a real pleasure to read! Well done, boys & girls and thank you, Mr MacKay & Mr Jamieson. (Photos will follow soon!)

Dear Children,

I can honestly say that the golf session that I had with you on Tuesday was one, if not the very best, that I had in over 15 years of teaching golf in Scotland.

I am still amazed at the quality and creative golf holes that you invented and then put into practice. AWESOME

I heard many of you say that you wanted to try golf on a golf course. Well I know that Murdoch will work with your teacher and do a few sessions at the school. Maybe you could get some holes designed around the playing field.

A trip or a few trips to Durness golf course would be brilliant and maybe he can speak to your parents about getting lifts there but I shall leave that to him.

Thank you again for all your energy, fun and I enjoyed watching your wee videos.

Best Class of 2018,