Exciting Literacy day at Scourie Primary

Today, Monday 18th June, was a very exciting day for the pupils of Scourie Primary.

Our Nursery pupils were delighted to be invited to take part in a sports day event in Kinlochbervie along with their peers from the day care centre. This event was ably organised and managed by senior pupils of Kinlochbervie High School. It was quite a task organising 13 little people, but they did it well! Thanks go to everyone who was involved in the event. Photos will follow soon.

Meanwhile, back in Scourie, the primary pupils enjoyed a visit from the children’s author, Meg McLaren, and John from Eden Court’s Outreach. The children were very privileged to be the first audience that Meg read her latest novel to – a real treat! They also learned to draw 2 of Meg’s main characters.

  • Meg was then asked to open the newly created library in the school and everyone was delighted to see some family members coming along to witness the opening & view our fantastic resource. A great big thank you goes to Patrick who had the original idea and to Mrs Curley for sourcing the funding through Tesco Bags for Life and for arranging our great visitors.