How the DHT spends Friday afternoon!

Many schools across Highland Region now close at lunchtime on a Friday. This allows for families to get away for the weekend, staff to carry out some planning for the following week, or for the pupils to arrange a charity fund-raiser!! This is exactly what the pupils of Scourie Primary chose to do yesterday afternoon.

The pupils and staff have been following the adventures of Duncan Hutchison’s row across the Atlantic in aid of Water Aid with much interest. Duncan had very kindly taken some time out of his busy schedule to come into school to speak to the pupils before his adventure began. This inspired the children to arrange a fund raising event of their own in support of Duncan & Water Aid. After much discussion & debate, Patrick came up with the idea of a water fun event with water slides, water pistols and paddling pools. And so the arrangements were made!

All the pupils who attended had great fun soaking each other and their DHT, who did get her own back on them too! Even some the adults who started off observing from a safe distance couldn’t resist the temptation and joined in with all the fun, much to their children’s delight! Some adults did chose to take the safest option of drinking tea & coffee in the canteen with cakes supplied by a variety of donors.

Safe  to say, everyone had great fun! There was lots of hilarity & laughter & screams! It was a pleasure to see a wide age range of children (& adults) charging around having a super time together. It was lovely to have some of our friends from Kinlochbervie Primary joining us too.

To top it all off, we even raised £176 (including a late donation) for WaterAid.

if you wish to find out more about Duncan’s adventure, track his progress and make a donation to Water Aid, please look at his website or Facebook page DuncanAdrift.