ASG School Management Structure

Appointment of Depute Head Teachers for Area Schools – May 2017

Katy Lee and Aileen MacDonald were appointed as depute head teacher, in a job-sharing capacity.  The next appointments within the ASG will be the principal teacher posts.

Appointment of New Head Teacher for Area Schools – April 2017

The proposed school management proposals that were developed in consultation with parents have now been adopted and should be fully in place by the start of the next term in August 2017.

The first step in the transition is the appointment of Graeme Smart has as the permanent Head Teacher of Kinlochbervie High School.  Effective August 2017, Mr Smart will become the Head Teacher for the cluster group of schools – the high school and the three primaries (Scourie, Kilochbervie and Durness). This covers ages 3-18.

Head Teacher Appointment Letter

School Management Proposals

This page begins an overview of the proposals for a new management structure for schools.  This is followed by a timeline with links to key documents – this will be updated regularly.

To view the timeline of events and view/download key documents, click the following link: Timeline


Highland Council are currently looking at changing how schools are managed. Parent consultation is an important part of this review.

A new management model is needed to address some of the challenges currently facing Highland  Council:

  • sustainability of small schools
  • declining school rolls
  • difficulty in attracting and retaining Head Teachers
  • increasing demands on Head Teachers who are also classroom teachers

Highland Council is proposing to establish a “cluster management” system for its schools where schools are grouped into “clusters”.   The proposed structure for Kinlochbervie High School and the 3 associated primary schools would be as follows:

  • 1 head teacher for all 4 schools
  • 1 half-time depute head teacher for Kinlochbervie High School
  • 1 half-time depute head teacher who would be responsible for the 3 primary schools
  • 2 secondary principal teachers for Kinlochbervie High School
  • 3 primary principal teachers – 1 for each primary school

Highland Council hopes that the new system can be put into place for 2017-2018 onwards.


An initial letter and leaflet went home to parents in October.

At the end of October, Barry Northedge, the Quality Improvement Manager, met with the chairs of the Parent Councils – Kinlochbervie High School and all 3 local primaries.

Mr Northedge is to meet again shortly with Parent Council Chairs. This will be followed soon after by a public meeting for all parents.